We provide on-going support services tailored to meet the needs of each academy within our Trust family.

Our aim is to help you focus on your core purpose, either directly or by providing assistance which allows you to minimise competing distractions.

The services we provide to support you with this are:

Accounting, purchasing, budgeting and reporting software 
Asset management 
Audit – internal and external 
Bid support and estates improvement 
Budget planning software 
Building / Health and Safety inspections / Fire risk assessments 
Business case support – staffing / planned admission numbers 
Compliance reporting software 
DBS checking 
Employee Assistance Programmes and Wellbeing
Free School Meal Checking 
Finance Oversight 
GDPR audit / support, DPO and cyber security support 
Governance Professional and Clerking 
Link to NGA and NGA Learning Link 
Human Resources – core offer / recruitment / enhanced service 
Legal support 
MIS software support / licences 
PR / Marketing support 
Safeguarding audits 
School Bus 
School improvement associates (quality assurance audits / assessment / data support)
School improvement services (CEO) 

Insurances – our Trust requires that all academies take up the DfE’s Risk Protection Arrangement policy. 
Safeguarding – our Trust requests that all academies continue their arrangement with their local children’s safeguarding board