Yew Tree Primary School

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School Information

Yew Tree Primary School in Dukinfield opened as an Academy within our Trust on 1st November 2018.

At Yew Tree Primary School their motto is ‘working together to achieve our best’. Their school aims are to:

  • Model the positive, respectful and tolerant behaviours that we would like to see in others.
  • Maintain a friendly and consistent approach to everyone connected with our school.
  • Demonstrate respect by listening and seeking to understand different perspectives and by maintaining calm at all times.
  • Show interest; be interesting; be open and enthusiastic about developing our own expertise and sharing our approaches with each other.
  • Be highly professional in everything we do; smartly turned out, tidy and well-organised.

There is a focused commitment on “Teaching and Learning”, which includes, staff, families and the community and they are proud of what they do. There is an emphasis on mutual support through which they develop their shared professionalism. They are reflective and adaptive in their practice. Yew Tree is a safe place to make mistakes – making mistakes is a good way to learn! All staff are happy to try out new ideas, because they want to ensure that every child succeeds.

Here is a link to the Yew Tree Primary School website..